Been at work

I’ve been quite the busy kid lately.

I jumped from a photojournalist to a multimedia editor at The Shorthorn. On top, I’ve been taking classes (well, kind of). So I’m back to answer things about what I’ve done since my last post.

Former President George W. Bush shakes hands with President Barack Obama and kisses First Lady Michelle Obama. Bush had just finished his speech at a Dallas memorial honoring the lives of six Dallas Police Officers July 12, 2016 at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center.

I photographed a gosh darn president (I was saying “shot” for awhile, but realized it sounds different to some people). It was quite the experience. The occasion wasn’t the best of situations. Five Dallas police officers were shot and killed. It was an emotion and adrenaline fueled week of events.

I spent most of the summer as a multimedia editor and a design editor. That too was a hell of a ride.

Now I’m just trying new things with photos and trying to teach some kids how to look for a moment.

It is damn hard to get a photographer excited about an assignment, but what I have learned is people give up too easily. If I write something, or photograph something I really care about, I will fight for it to be displayed appropriately. Working with reporters and photojournalists I have now, many don’t fight when someone in a higher authority says, “no.” I say challenge it.

I’m hoping to get back to shooting more for myself, but with every new semester there is a new job or challenge to tackle.


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