It’s the writing not the art

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I went over the style of writing and how different it is from what I normally do. (This is hyperlinked to my previous post)

Now …

There are arguments between comic readers about what is more important to an issue, the writing or the art?

My vote is on the writing.

Don’t get me wrong. The art is important, but without the writing there would be absolutely nothing.

Most comic book artists work off of descriptions the writers provide them. The ones who don’t are normally writing the comic and doing the art.

The art in a comic book shows the mental image of what the writer was thinking for that panel. They don’t make it up.

The words and the story are the important part. I can remember a few really great full page pieces that stand out art wise (Like this one from Old Man Logan), but the reason it sticks out to me is because of the story that led up to it.

If a book has bad art, I can get past it and keep reading. If it has bad writing, I have no reason to keep going, or ever give the book a second thought.

This is why I have put my effort into writing a comic book instead of drawing it.

There are very few books out there that are remembered for their artwork.

I GUESS … I want someone who reads my book to remember it for the story it told. Art may help, but a good script will always come out on top.


3 thoughts on “It’s the writing not the art”

  1. I did not know that you wanted to write comic books, that’s awesome! Taking an interest in comic books is a rare hobby that I never hear about these days. I’m glad that comic books still have a strong following.


  2. I would be curious to see what your comic book is about. Personally, I do not know much about comic books and I assume that there are different genres. What genre is your comic book and what type of main characters do you have? Have you found that this type of writing comes easier to you than writing a news story?


  3. This is awesome!! Love comic books, and would love to read yours! I’m sure your comic will be remembered and read by so many. I am wanting to screen write and that’s a worry of mine too if it would ever get noticed. But anyway, it’s nice that someone likes to keep old hobbies alive!


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