I should start a “panel”

Blog7Get it? Like a comic book panel.

I’ve recently done some (I guess you can call it) soul searching and what came out of it was a new favorite way to kill some time.

You see, I recently discovered that I enjoy writing comic books.

Halfway through is roughly 10 pages of an issue. I’m currently halfway through the first issue of a three-part series. I know that sounds like it’s a bit too new to call a hobby.

It may be a recent venture, but those ten pages took roughly 12 hours of work. It’s different than any other kind of writing that I’ve ever had to work on.

Normally I write for newspapers. It is short, to the point and completely based on facts. With this new writing, I’m having to make up a majority of what happens.

Some of what I’ve written has been based on actual things. My friends inspire a few of the characters and the conversations are loosely based on ones I’ve had.

The format is very different as well. Instead of writing with all the important facts on top, I’m eluding to the important things and explaining in hyper detail what the scenery looks like.

It is all done in script format. It is goofy and weird. Explainers are needed for the goofiest things like the exact expressions on someones face, or the  way they are sitting in a car.

It’s different, but enjoyable and kills a whole lot of time.


What’s that? You want to see five pages … I GUESS … Comic


3 thoughts on “I should start a “panel””

  1. Wow Cody I didn’t know you had this hobby! That’s so cool and from reading what you have so far in your comic it seems pretty good. It reminded me of when I took script writing at TCC which is a style of writing I really struggled with so I respect you for trying it out.


  2. I originally thought you were writing a book and not a comic book, but after I clicked on the link, I saw that you were working on the individual panels. NOW your story makes sense. That can be a good hobby if you simply want to see how much you enjoy it, but the thing is, comics are mainly art and less dialogue. If you want to impress me, show me some of your art. Or are you going to have someone else do the art for you?


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